​​​​​So Why Use a Teleradiology Service? 

  • Image interpretation is what we do all day long and we are good at it!

  • There is a high incidence of over-interpretation of common imaging findings (perceived loss of abdominal detail, splenomegaly, interstitial pattern, etc). We can help tell you whether these findings are significant and need further evaluation.

  • Significant findings are often over-looked because they are often not recognized on the images. This is one of the primary reasons to use us!

  • We can help you decide the next best step in the course of treatment or diagnostics. For example, we can help you make the decision whether the patient needs to go to surgery, ultrasound, etc.

  • We can help you with unique positioning or procedures that can help with the diagnosis.

  • We are available to actually talk to you about a confusing case! Sometimes we call you, but you can always call us and yes we actually answer our phone and emails!

  • It is always a good idea to have at least two people (you and us) evaluate images in a team based approach.

  • Having us interpret your studies is like having your own personal radiologist on staff.

  • Having all of your studies interpreted is taking the quality of medicine you practice to the next level.

  • Using our services is actually going to improve your radiology interpretations skills through reviewing the reports and talking to us. Compare what you see on the images to what we say for a little bit of daily continuing education!

  • The platform we use is easy to set up and can be used with DR, CR and uploaded JPEG images.  Set up takes 24-48 hours​​

  • ​There is a $69 set up fee; however, that cost is waived if 10 cases are sent in the first month after set up

It is always surprising to us that we are usually asked what our turnaround time is before even asked about the quality and structure of our reports. We actually do not have a set turnaround time as we feel that “trying to beat the clock” results in brief or incomplete reports. However, we know how important the radiology report is to your case management, and it is our goal to get you a thorough report with as rapid as a turnaround time as possible. This results in 90% or more of our reports being back to you in under 4 hours, and often much quicker than that!  We do guarantee a 60 minute STAT turnaround time and have access to overnight emergency interpretations as well.

 At VIC, Inc. we focus on high quality, thorough reports without the "wishy-washy" conclusions or “radiology hedge."   We want our reports to help you with case management, not be a huge laundry list of differentials! If the case is confusing or challenging, or if we feel we cannot give you a clear, concise diagnosis, we will call you to talk about it! We are proud to have so many satisfied clients including both general practitioners and specialists. Please read our testimonials and feel free to contact Dr. Essman or her operational manager, Coleen Bridges for further information.

Veterinary Imaging Consultations Veterinary Teleradiology

Veterinary Imaging Consultations, Inc. is a "boutique" teleradiology service that prides itself on exceptional client relations, customer service and outstanding radiology reports. We are different from other larger companies as we get to know your doctors and staff through our image interpretation and one on one help with your cases. We develop a close professional relationship with your doctors and technicians and can always be reached by phone or email. We use the DVMinsight platform, which makes it simple and efficient to upload and send images to us.  

What to Expect

Personal Touch

Our reports are thorough and phone consults are available to clients


Easy Software

Our software is user friendly and easy to upload images.


Professional service

Our board-certified team will provide the expert care your clinic and patients deserve and owners expect.