"Dr. Stephanie Essman has been a huge asset to our clinic.  She is quick to get back
to us with her reports and is happy to talk with us when we have questions. I also believe that having Dr. Essman review our radiographs has helped me to develop my own interpretation skills.  Her reports help confirm my suspicions or point out
things I might have otherwise missed."
Chris Gordon, DVM
Watertown, NY

"Dr. Essman is extremely efficient and thorough.  The turn around time for radiographic interpretation is excellent. Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center (DVSC) has used her imaging company for the past 8 years and we have never been disappointed.  The radiologists go above and beyond!"
Katherine Wells, DVM
Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center

"We have been using Veterinary Imaging Consultations since 2004. Having all of our radiographs read by a boarded radiologist was one of the best decisions we ever made. It improves the quality of medicine we offer our clients, and there are no more missed diagnoses.  Dr. Essman is fast and efficient. She is always helpful with phone consultations and suggestions with cases. I would highly recommend her services to other veterinarians."

Teresa Dewey, DVM

North Country Animal Health Center

"I have been working as a veterinarian for just over a year now and it's so helpful to have Dr. Essman working with us to evaluate radiographs! She gets back to us quickly, is happy to discuss cases over the phone if there are questions, and is overall very pleasant to work with! General practice can be overwhelming for a new graduate so having some back-up when it comes to more challenging cases is such a relief. I highly recommend her services to any veterinarian who wants radiograph or ultrasound assistance!"
Rachel Duffany, DVM
North Country Animal Health Center, PC

"We're a busy three doctor practice and we've been using Stephanie Essman as our teleradiologist for over eight years.  Her reads are lightning fast and always very thorough.  I never get the feeling that she's simply cutting and pasting phrases from a glossary to make an assessment and I always feel that she's read my history and clinical notes thoroughly to correlate them to the images I've sent.  Every read demonstrates the time and care she's taken in interpreting each film we send her and her reads are always insightful, detailed and clinically applicable.  I always read her reports while looking at the films because I always learn something from her interpretation.  I've recommended her to many colleagues and they all agree she's the best.  I wouldn't use anyone else!"
Norm Stillman, DVM
Court Street Animal Hospital

"We have been so pleased with your service over the years. We started with only sending occasional cases but now send ALL of our studies. Not only have we improved our level of care for our patients it had been a great learning tool for all our staff and vets. It's like having a staff radiologist on site and available 24/7. I cannot imagine going back. The turn around time is fantastic with cases back the same working day. The record to date is 20 minutes. The cost of this service is very reasonable and includes fully prepared reports. I would highly recommend this service to all vet hospitals."
Brian Barnes, DVM

Westview Animal Hospital

"Dr. Essman and her associates at Veterinary Imaging Consultations have been reviewing our radiographs, ultrasound & CT images for several years. The services are quite simply phenomenal. Concise, accurate & clearly written reports are consistently received in a very timely manner. It’s like having a radiologist in your practice that is always available to review your patients’ images. We have dealt with several other image review services prior to working with Veterinary Imaging Consultations and unequivocally state that Dr. Essman’s group is second to none. We have grown to greatly depend on them as an integral part of our practice on a daily basis. Don’t know what we would do without them. Thank you so much Veterinary Imaging Consultations!!!"
Alan Kirmayer, D.V.M.
Chief of Staff
VetCor of Marysville

"Dr Essman is fantastic!  Prompt with reports and very knowledgeable when consulting over the phone in regards to reports."

Nicole Brockmeier, DVM

Desert Dunes Animal Hospital

"Dr. Essman is prompt, professional and extremely accurate.  Turnover time is consistently quick and she is readily available for discussion.  Her reports are concise and devoid of the legalese which other radiologists condense in their reports."

Bryon Emswiller, DVM

Desert Dunes Animal Hospital

"Dr. Essman consistently provides prompt, accurate and reliable service.  An integral part of our diagnostic work ups!"

Tim Connor, DVM

Desert Dunes Animal Hospital

Our Clients Love Us

"We have been using Dr. Essman now since August 2012. Let me start by saying that she is one of the best and most proficient veterinary radiologist in the country. Her proficiency in reading films is second to none. Through the years we have used multiple radiologists and have, time and time again, come back to her because of her professional and timely service. Not only does she read radiographs for us, but she always leaves room for the referring practitioner to follow up with additional testing if needed, and other suggestions that give us a plan that we can share with our clients. Over the years, we have performed over 50 abdominal exploratory surgeries based on Dr. Essman’s keen eye and detailed reports. I have learned not to doubt her. I wouldn’t hesitate for one second referring her to my colleagues!"
Drs. Fred and Drew Scarbrough, DVM
Scarbrough Animal Hospital